Avrail RV Shower BathAvrail RV Shower Bath 
Avrail RV Shower Bath

avrail rv shower bath

The Avrail RV provides a simple yet stylish solution to bathing and showering with its alternative door position.

With the door positioned away from the taps and wastes at the end of the bath, enabling the bath to be fitted with a standard bath/shower screen. The slip resistant base means that independent showering and bathing is possible, without the worry of unnecessary slips and falls.With the same footprint as a standard bath, it allows for fitting of standard shower screens.


  • Simple showering with independent shower screen and bath door
  • Slip resistant base to shower area
  • Effortless gadget free door locking mechanism
  • Dual waste for quicker drainage and safety
  • Hydrotherapy Spa and Chromotherapy Lights options available (See additions)
  • Water Capacity: 1500 x 700mm = 167 litres unoccupied; 1700 x 700mm = 180 litres unoccupied


Right Hand Door Entry Avril RV Shower Bath

The image shows the right hand door entry option of the Avril RV Shower Bath in a bathroom setting












Left Hand Door Entry Avril RV Shower Bath

The image shows the left hand door entry option for the Avril RV Shower Bath in a bathroom setting











Sizes Available (LH & RH):

1500 x 700mm

1700 x 700mm

*taps and shower screen not included

Chromotherapy Lights

Why not benefit from the relaxing therapeutics of colour therapy. Immerse yourself and create an ambiance of tranquillity for relaxation and well-being with our chromotherapy LED bath light.The image shows 4 options out of 7 of the chromotherapy lights

Generates 7 colour options which permeates the bath.

Plus a soothing 'Fading' option which cycles through the colours.

  • 7 colours to choose from: From a single light source you can choose any of 7 colours or even a soothing fading effect that scrolls through the colour range.
  • Immerse yourself: Permeating the entire water space in the bath – immerse yourself in colours in an ambience of tranquillity.
  • Benefits of coloured light therapy: Chromotherapy can provide an opportunity for relaxation of the mind and assist well-being.


12 Jet Air Spa Hydrotherapy

Looking for your bath to be a true escape, where you can relax and recuperate on a regular basis? Why not consider adding a Hydrotherapy Air Spa to your bath.

Our Aquair Air Spas can relax your muscles, improve circulation and can be a beneficial aid in relaxation, health and well being.

Our Hydrotherapy Air Spas with 4 option modes can be fitted on all our baths.The image shows a filled bath that includes the 12 Jet Air Spa Hydrotherapy to produce a proliferation of bubbles to enhance your bathing experience.

With 12 strategically positioned jets our spa is designed to eject a proliferation of bubbles to provide an invigorating but gentle massage and enhance your bathing experience.

A simple push button provides  3 speeds and a massage mode.

Includes heated air and a self-cleaning cycle.


Brand:  SNB

Avrail RV Shower Bath

Our Price:  £1,645.00
(Exc. 20% VAT)
Bath End Panel
12 Jet Air Hydrotherapy Spa
Chromatherapy lights
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